Love and Relationships

When You Know That He is THE ONE

I think most little girls dream of that Prince Charming and of one day walking down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding dress with the whole world watching. I also think that most little girls dream of being swept off their feet by a handsome feller and living a picture-perfect life. Well, if it isn’t most little girls, I can at least confirm that I was once a little girl who dreamed of those things. I used to picture a perfect life with a perfect man and perfect babies. As a little girl, nothing could convince me otherwise; but as I grew up and the harsh realities of the world we live in became more and more apparent to me, my dreams began to change – until I met THE ONE…

This guy made me believe in fairy-tale endings again; only this time, I knew very well that real-life tales would come with obstacles. He literally brought out the best in me and helped me throw away my low self-esteem in the trash for good. He challenged me to better myself and I unknowingly did the same for him. We began to concur the highs and lows of our lives as a team, which made difficult situations seem to be not as bad as they really were. He came into my life at a time when I was at an all-time low and oddly enough, he was not doing that great either. But together we worked on our lives and we quickly knew that we were meant to be together.

So how do I know that he is THE ONE? In all honesty, the English Dictionary (and probably any dictionary for that matter) does not have the right words to explain it. All I know is that at the end of each day, my heart beats a little faster as I think about him and about our relationship. He is my best friend and he is always ready to give me his shoulder to cry on. In the words of Justin Beiber (please don’t judge me, LOL), he gives me purpose. He literally gives me purpose. I truly believe that God operates through the hands of man, and God has sent me this man who has changed my life in many ways. I guess I know that he is THE ONE because he has taught me to love me for me. Yes, he has taught me self-love; and because of that self-love, I have changed my life and my way of viewing things.

When you know that that special someone is THE ONE, there should be no “what ifs” or doubts in your mind. Your heart and mind are in harmony in knowing that he is THE ONE. This may sound vague and unpractical, but trust me when I say that when you know he is the ONE, you know!

A dedication to my handsome, smart and loving fiancĆ©…


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