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Dear Mama – I want to be like you

My parents died when I was 10 years old and evidently that left me scarred for life. Over the years, I have noticed that the pain never goes away, and that the reasons why I miss my parents so much changes based on age, circumstances and level of maturity.

I am 24 years old now – I have a successful professional career which I am still building, I am a writer, I will soon be someone’s wife, and I am learning (sadly by trial and error) what it means to be a woman. So naturally, I am at a point in my life where I think about my mother quite a lot. I deal with this pain the only way a writer knows how to: I write. So I would like to share an open letter to my beautiful mother with you. I hope you can find comfort, encouragement and peace in it. And for those of you who still have your mothers, go and give them hugs and tell them how much you love them.

Dear Mama,

I know that we always called you “mommy” and not “mama”, but “mama” seems catchy for the title of my blog post. LOL

I miss you terribly, and this year has been particularly difficult for me as I have gone through things which I deem would have been a tad bit easier if I had you around.

I am growing up so quickly and I cannot believe that I will soon reach the age you were when you had your first child. I realize now that you are my role model and I want to be just like you.  

I want my smile to light up a room every time I enter, and I want my calm demeanor to reassure the people I love that everything is going to be okay.

I want my hunger to further my education fuel my intellectual growth, and I want to be an inspiration for women across the globe and for African women in particular.

I want my husband to tell me how beautiful I am in front of our children and want to hear them giggle and tease me about it.

I want my passion for women’s rights to bring about a change in my community and in my home country in particular. I want people to take me seriously when I speak about Africa and my dreams for my continent.

I want my daughters to look up to me and feel safe in my arms. I want to be my husband’s one and only queen.

I want to be that lady who shows her daughters how to be lady-like, but never robs them of their own identities.

I want to be beautiful, to be kind, to be soft-spoken, to be generous, to be intelligent, to be poised, to be a great cook, to be an amazing wife and to be a nurturing mother.

To conclude mommy, I want to be like you…  



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